How to Tackle Common Floor Stains?


Start with an all-purpose cleaner recommended for the resilient floor. If the stain remains, try an eraser cleaner.


Wipe the spot with rubbing alcohol; repeat. If the stain is still visible, rub with lighter fluid or odorless mineral spirits.


Rub the stain with rubbing alcohol.

Hair Dye

Rub the area with rubbing alcohol. If the stain still shows, scrub it with lighter fluid or odorless mineral spirits.

Shoe Polish

Scrub the spot with lighter fluid or odorless mineral spirits. If the stain still shows, Rub it with rubbing alcohol.

Paint and Varnish

Immediately wipe up any wet spills. If the stain is dry, carefully scrape it with a plastic card (such as a credit card). Remove residue with rubbing alcohol.

Frequent Questions

  1. Where are your products from?


Our Flooring are from Germany.

Our Wall Covering are from Belgium.

Our Doors are from Greece.

  1. What is you warranty period?


Flooring – 25 years

Wall Coverings – 10 years

Doors – 5 years

  1. Where is your showroom?

Answer: City walk, Dubai.

 4. Is the price including installation?

Answer: Yes, Our prices are including installation & delivery charges.

  1. What is the Flooring price?

Answer: Flooring price depends on which collection/flooring range the product was chosen from.

  1. Delivery time frame?

Answer: Normal delivery time frame for sea takes 6 to 8 weeks and 2 to 3 weeks by air freight upon receiving advance payment.

  1. How long does it take for installation to be completed?

Answer: Installation completion depends on the area quantity.

  1. Do we keep stocks in Dubai?

Answer: We normally keep stocks of our SPC products while other products are ex-works.

  1. Does your company customize flooring?

Answer: Yes, we do depend on the design and pattern of the flooring the customer wants to achieve.

  1. Is self-leveling part of your scope?

Answer: No, out of scope.

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